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The babies who were born between 1964 and middle of the 1970s are known as Generation X in the US and Canada. This generation came at the heels of the baby boomers. (See Reference 1) When checking out Generation X facts, a person will realize that the biggest influence the members of this generation had on the popular culture scene. The influence began some time during the 1980s and then reached a zenith in the 1990s. (See Reference 1)

The members of Generation X grew up in the shadows of the baby boomers. They felt disillusioned and alienated by the cultural icons and celebrities of that time. They could not identify with any of them. (See Reference 1) However, even the media has to share some blame in stereotyping the members of Generation X. They were often portrayed as youngsters who enjoyed listening to grunge music, drinking coffee from Starbucks and wearing flannels while not being gainfully employed. They were considered as rebellious when compared to the baby boomers or their older siblings. Unfortunately, members of this generation have always been portrayed as apathetic even though they feel passionate about things in their lives. They are often seen as people who have no goals or direction in their lives. (See Reference 1)

However, many of the Generation X came of age during the period when housing and education costs were rising astronomically. They faced strong competition from the baby boomers, who were overachievers, fought for equal rights and bore the brunt of JFK's assassination. In the end, this managed to alienate the younger generation from the baby boomers, the 2 could never meet eye-to-eye. (See Reference 1) Also, during the coming of age of Generation X, there was recession and economic downturn. Hence, many could not get jobs and were forced to continue staying at home.

While the members of the Generation X have grown up and many have their own businesses or are now working successfully, the tag of being slackers still sticks on. There maybe still a few members living the stereotype life of Generation X, but majority of them are not. (See Reference 1)

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Generation X Facts


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