Work Life Balance Ideas For Generation X  

Generation X is a little over 50 million strong in the US. They are in the workforce for some time now. However, they are trying hard to shed their slacker tags and hence, it would benefit them to get some work life balance ideas so that they can spend more time with the families. (See Reference 1)

The work life balance ideas for Generation X invariably advocate that the members find time for themselves. These are couples who have sacrificed their lives for each other, and also for their offsprings. Hence, they should look for time to do their personal things and also look for ways to use the time that they have to strengthen the bonds of their families. (See Reference 1) By finding the correct balance, they can spend time with the families, but they must ensure that work does not interfere with the time they want to spend at home. (See Reference 1)

In order to find the right work life balance, Generation X should not only limit their extracurricular activities, but also those of other family members. This may involve making a list of all the extracurricular activities and finding ways to get out of those that are not so important. It is important for members of this generation that family always comes first and work second. Hence, they should not regret that they could not spend time with the team members from work. (See Reference 1)

Members of this generation should give chores to their kids to teach them responsibilities. (See Reference 1) This can be easily done by devising a system where each member is allocated a task and there is division of labor, so that members of the family can spend more time with one another. (See Reference 1) It should not be the sole responsibility of the mother to get the household chores done as the mother will not be able to spend quality time with the children, and the kids will not be able to take on responsibilities when they grow up. (See Reference 1)

If you find that you are not able to spend quality time with your family, then think about getting self-employed. This does not mean that a self employed person works less number of hours. Rather, self-employment offers a certain amount of flexibility and freedom, but he or she has to be disciplined in putting the needs of the family before work. (See Reference 1)

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Work Life Balance Ideas For Generation X


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Years Of Generation X      Generation X is around 50 million strong in the US and refers to people born between 1965 and 1980. (See Reference 1) This generation came after the baby boomer era and is considered to be smaller in number compared to the previous as well the following generations. (See Reference 1) Today, majority of the Generation X members are either in the 30s or early 40s. More..




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