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The Generation Y is the largest generation since the baby boomers. Hence, a lot research on Generation Y is being conducted to understand what they think and believe in. As the baby boomers are retiring, members from this generation are starting out their careers. This will create inter-generational problems with the preceding generation, the Gen X. While there is ample anecdotal information about the generation, through research, researchers want quantitative information about Generation Y. (See Reference 1)

One research was carried out by Center for Research on Employment and the Workforce at the California State University located at Fullerton. This research was sponsored by Northrop Grumman, who wanted to know what motivates this generation at the workplace. (See Reference 1)

The research was conducted across different industries and different generations. It was conducted online, so as a result more younger people participated in it compared to older people. Through the research on Generation Y, researchers found out some interesting facts that shattered many myths about this generation. The research found that this generation is motivated by money more than any other aspect when they accept a job offer and when it comes to staying back with the employer. While the position was important for the members of this generation, it was the least important aspect when deciding to stay on with the employer. (See Reference 1)

Many people assume that Generation Y needs creative and challenging jobs. However, the research showed that just 38 percent of the members paid importance to challenging and creative jobs. This aspect was greater concern among the members of the baby boom era. (See Reference 1) Also, the research found that Generation Y want bosses who are easy to get along with and friendly. This is total contrast to what was thought earlier -- bosses do not matter to Generation Y. (See Reference 1)

Hence, doing research on Generation Y can give greater insights into the members of this generation and can help shatter the preconceived notions that many employers and people have formed about it.

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Research On Generation Y


Reference :
1. The KNOW Network: What Do Gen Y Employees Really Want?


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