Attention Deficit In Generation Z  

The kids born after the year 1994 are known as Generation Z. These kids will be ready to join the workforce in another three to four years. Hence, now there seems to be an interest in this generation as many employers and companies want to know what motivates them and how they can manage them when the join the workforce. (See Reference 1)

This is the first generation of our times to have complete mobile technology at its disposal. They are not only comfortable with this technology, they are also quite dependent on it. While this generation is considered to independent minded, they perceive social media as a platform for learning as traditional learning and educational methods are changing to the rapidly changing technology. They use social media to socialize and for them socializing does not necessarily mean hanging out friends at the shopping mall. For Generation Z, socializing often occurs in their homes on their PCs or PDAs.

As this generation is used to pace and rapid changes, they look for instant rewards and gratification. They are introverts; aloof; and also do not have a high concentration or attention span. According to some psychologists, many members of Generation Z have acquired attention deficit disorder. (See Reference 1) They reckon that these teenagers and kids are so busy trying to input and get output from different sources that they are easily distracted, irritable, impulsive and restless. And, in the long-term due to this acquired attention deficit disorder, they will end up being underachievers. (See Reference 1) They reliance on technology is causing them difficulties in processing details and since they are used to constant digital stimulation, they tend to get bored when the stimulation is missing. This is causing attention deficit disorder in Generation Z, and this is not good news for the new generation as they might lose their ability to analyze data and information in the long run. (See Reference 1)

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Attention Deficit In Generation Z


Reference :
1. Prelude Consulting: Generation Z and Learning


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Characteristics Of Generation Z      The generation born after the year 1994 until 2004 is referred to as Generation Z. There is interest in this generation as in another few years the members will be joining the workforce and contributing to the economy of the country and the society. Knowing the characteristics of Generation Z will give people a better understanding what these kids are all about and what motivates them. More..




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Attention Deficit In Generation Z )
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