The Silent Generation Traits  

The members of the Silent Generation are also called Traditionalists. The generation encompasses people born between the years of 1927 and 1945; and majority of them are now well into their 60s, 70s and even 80s. They are mostly retired, though there are some who are still working, or are close the age of retirement. This generation has been often misunderstood as many people thought that the moniker meant that they did not speak their minds out, they were unadventurous, and did not take any risks.

Some of the Silent Generation traits are highlighted below:

Most of the members from this generation grew up in difficult economic times and saw their parents struggling to provide for their families. Hence, when industrialization started in the US, the generation brought strong work ethics. They were hard working and believed that a person could only make his way in life through hard work. They did not have any qualms about working for long hours. (See Reference 1)

They were very loyal not just to their employer, but also to their country. Most members of the Silent Generation ended up working for the same employer until retirement. They were not conducive to changing their jobs like the members of generations X and Y. (See Reference 1)

Because these members were raised in highly paternalistic families, they had respect for authority. They were good team players, and they did not start any conflicts at their workplace by questioning authority of their managers and supervisors. (See Reference 1)

This is one generation that did not have access to technology that modern-day generations have. Hence, they are not technology savvy and are not adept at handling new technology. (See Reference 1) In addition, they are not into Internet and alternative modes of communication offered by modern-day technology. They prefer to learn at traditional educational institutions than utilizing online education websites and opportunities. (See Reference 1)

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The Silent Generation Traits


Reference :
1. Legal Careers: Traditionalists (aka The Silent Generation)


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What Is Silent Generation ?      The Silent Generation refers to the people who were born in the US between the years of 1923 and the early part of the 1940s. This generation was quite small in number as the members were born between the 2 World Wars and during the period of the Great Depression. More..




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The Silent Generation Traits )
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