Estrogen Effects In Men  

Estrogen is one of the female sexual hormones and it is also produced in a male body. However, the levels of estrogen produced by the male body are very less compared to a woman. Estrogen plays a vital role in the menstrual cycle for women. However, for men, it plays an important role in maintaining the skin condition and also acts as a mood stabilizer. Even though it is produced in very low quantity, it plays a vital role.

However, when there is a hormonal imbalance like very low level of testosterone and high level of estrogen the condition is called estrogen dominance and it is bad for the body. However, some of the positive effects of estrogen in a man's body are it reduces the chances of acne and also reduces problems like heart attack and loss of hair. It also improves the short term memory and fertility. However, when it is found in excess in a male's body, it causes lack of sexual interest in men. It also promotes the facial hair growth. At the same time, it can increase the chances of blood clots and cause liver problems. Very high levels of estrogen in men have been associated with prostate cancer. Also, it causes unwanted physical changes like growth of breasts for example.

Some of the foods can also provide the body with excess estrogens like soy, pumpkin, yams and also fennel. They all contain something called the phytoestrogens. Meats and dairy products also have them. You can also get it from the parabens found in soaps and shampoos. All these are a form of phytoestrogens. However, when it comes to this particular hormone the popular misconception is that men do not need it. However, estrogen is required by a male’s body for fluid reabsorption and aiding in sperm development.

However, men who have the problem of estrogen dominance should clearly avoid the above listed foods and also be careful about their lifestyle choices. They should not eat foods that are fried and have too much salt. This decrease the levels of testosterone a further aggravates the problem of excess estrogen. They should avoid foods high in phytoestrogens and also try to sue some natural progesterone creams. Hormone replacement therapy may not be advised to everyone. However, they can try using bio identical creams of progesterone to solve the problem. When the hormonal level reaches a balance much of their problems will be solved.

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Estrogen Effects In Men




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