Best Place To Apply Progesterone Cream  

Premenopausal women, menopausal women as well as post menopausal women use natural progesterone cream when they are undergoing hormonal replacement therapy for a problem with their estrogen levels.

Progesterone is a hormone produced by the body and it is used by the body for making many other steroid hormones like androstenedione, esterogen, testosterone and cortisol. If a woman is having an imbalance with her estrogen levels, then this natural cream is an alternative to the synthetic progesterone that has many undesirable side effects.

When estrogen levels increase in the body, it can increase the chances of getting breast cancer and other kinds of cancers related to the reproductive system. On the other hand, when a woman enters menopause or premenopause, then estrogen levels fall, but it is the level of the progesterone that is nearly zero. And, as progesterone is still required by the body for making many other hormones, supplementing the hormone level through natural cream makes sense. Also, progesterone has many other functions in the body, like helping in the building of bones, being a natural diuretic, preventing cancers of the breast, uterus and ovaries, and having a calming effect. So, it makes sense to ensure that progesterone levels are always maintained in the body, and using a natural cream is one such way.

It has been seen that women who have low estrogen can have estrogen dominance if the progesterone levels are close to zero. In such a case, usually doctors prescribe estrogen thinking that many of the problems are caused due to low levels of estrogen. However, this will make the woman feel worse and will do nothing to alleviate her symptoms. So, if a woman is suffering from estrogen dominance even when estrogen levels are low, she needs to take progesterone and not estrogen.

When women start using estrogen, a common question is which is the best place to apply progesterone cream. As progesterone can be easily absorbed by the subcutaneous fat and then circulated into the bloodstream, it is recommended that the cream be applied on the arms, legs, stomach and breasts. Usually, the site of application should be rotated so that the underlying fat does not get saturated with the hormone. Also, to maximize the absorption, the cream should be spread over a large area of skin and it should be applied twice a day. If the cream cannot be applied twice a day, then it should be applied at least once a day.

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Best Place To Apply Progesterone Cream




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