Can Progesterone Cause Cramps ?  

There are many women who suffer from cramps, and want to know can progesterone cause cramps. The answer to this question is yes. Progesterone can cause cramps and the reason for it can vary. Women who have normal levels of progesterone will experience cramps when they get their menstrual period. This cramp is caused due to progesterone.

Even women who take progesterone because they are suffering from a deficiency of the hormone will experience cramps during their menstruation. The same effect is seen in women who get pregnant.

Under normal circumstances, in order for the menstrual cycle to occur correctly, there has to be a proper balance between progesterone and estrogen in the body. Estrogen causes the ovulation, while progesterone ensures that the lining of the uterus thickens for implantation of the fertilized egg. However, if the ovum is not fertilized by the sperm, then this uterus lining is shed in the form of menstrual period and that is when women experience cramps. Hence, it can be said that progesterone is the cause of the cramps.

The cramps occur as the uterus contracts to shed out the thickening lining. The severity of the cramps varies from woman to woman, and at times the cramps may also extend to the back and down the legs.

It has been seen that when the levels of the progesterone are low in the body, a woman may not be able to maintain the pregnancy or may find it difficult to get pregnant. However, when the woman is given supplements of progesterone, they will experience cramps as one of the side effects. This supplement will cause the woman to get pregnant, but even then she will experience cramps. This occurs when the egg gets implanted in the uterus.

In addition to the cramps during menstruation or pregnancy, progesterone is also responsible for causing constipation. This can also cause cramps in turn and hence, this kind of cramps is due to progesterone.

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