Progesterone Creams For Menopause  

Progesterone is one of the female reproductive hormones along with estrogen that helps to ensure that pregnancy occurs. However, as a woman approaches menopause, the levels of progesterone begin to diminish that this causes many of the menopausal symptoms experienced by women.

When onset of menopause occurs, using progesterone cream can help alleviate many symptoms like hot flashes, dryness of the vagina and night sweats. Usually, it is recommended that progesterone should be used in the form of cream as it gets absorbed by the skin and enters the bloodstream directly. However, when progesterone is taken orally, most of it gets broken down by the liver and just a small amount enters the bloodstream, and hence, it has no effect. Women who use progesterone creams for menopause have experienced instant relief from menopausal symptoms.

There are many kinds of progesterone creams for menopause that women can buy over-the-counter. However, it is important to check the ingredients in the creams. The creams should contain natural progesterone. Before using the cream, consult your doctor. The doctor will advise you about the amount of cream that you should apply on your skin. Natural progesterone creams for menopause are absorbed readily by the subcutaneous fat and it is advisable to keep rotating the application site so that the underlying fat does not get saturated by the hormone. Also, the cream should be applied on a large surface area to maximize the absorption. The best places to apply progesterone creams for menopause include the arms, legs, stomach and the chest region. 

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Progesterone Creams For Menopause




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