Warning On Progesterone  

Progesterone, also known as pregnancy hormone, is a very important female reproductive hormone. It helps to thicken the lining of the uterus to prepare it for implantation of the fertilized egg. In addition, the hormone is also used to treat abnormal bleeding from the uterus, cancer of the breast and uterus, lack of menstruation, and it is an important ingredient in birth control pills.

As a woman approaches menopause, the amount of progesterone gradually begins to decrease in the body. This imbalance causes many symptoms, and that is why progesterone is given to some women to restore the balance of the hormone in the body. However, before purchasing it is important to check the warning label that is present on the container of the progesterone cream or gel. This warning on progesterone will inform you about the possible side effects that you may have on use.

It has been seen that some of the side effects experienced by women using progesterone cream are pain in the breast, headache, drowsiness and/or irritability. The progesterone can also cause problems like nausea, vomiting, constipation or diarrhea.

There are also rare side effects that can occur in a small percentage of women. These include changes in the menstrual cycle, seizures, depression, increase growth of facial hair and jaundice. At times, women may experience acne, rash or dryness of the skin due to use of progesterone.

The warning on progesterone also includes the reactions that the hormone may have with other medications. Hence, if you are taking some medication for other health condition, it is always advisable to first consult a doctor before starting to use progesterone. When progesterone is used estrogen, it can increase the chances of getting pulmonary embolism, cerebral embolism and cerebral thrombosis. Also, using progesterone and estrogen together can lead to eye problems and cause elevated blood pressure.

Women suffering from allergies, liver disease, kidney disease, cardiac disease, migraine, asthma, diabetes and depression should be careful when using progesterone as it can lead to complications.

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Warning On Progesterone




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