How Many Years Do Hot Flashes Last ?  

It is rather impossible for any doctor to predict the span of occurrence of hot flashes linked with menopause. In fact, leave aside the duration of its occurrence, one cannot even predict whether a woman will experience hot flashes or not in the first place. While some fortunate women have never experienced a hot flash, there are others who undergone the misery for years altogether.

Many women have reported experiencing of hot flashes for approximately seven years, stretching from their mid 40s to the decade of 50s of their lives. There are some extremely unfortunate candidates as well, who commence with this menopausal symptom much prior to menopause and keep experiencing the same after menopause as well. However, there are some wise women who instead of cribbing about hot flashes have implemented ways to minimize or stop their occurrence.

Complaints made to a doctor regarding hot flashes would obviously lead you towards hormone replacement therapy. However, one cannot overlook the fact that several studies have now demonstrated how harmful this form of treatment is to one’s health. Administration of hormone replacement therapy is known to enhance the probability of contracting severe health conditions such as blood clots, strokes and even cancers. In light of these repercussions, experts recommend the usage of short term hormone replacement therapy, only in cases wherein it seems almost mandatory. Therefore, it seems prudent to explore natural ways to save oneself from the effects of hot flashes.

Intake of black cohosh and red clover isoflavones is highly recommended in such circumstances. Smoking is said to be directly related to increase in incidence of hot flashes. In fact, women high on smoking are at an increased risk of developing blood clots while on hormone replacement therapy as well. Therefore, quitting the habit would be the ideal solution to obtain relief from hot flashes and to maintain good health. Excessive consumption of alcohol and caffeine are also well known triggers of hot flashes amongst women. There could be several other food items that could initiate hot flashes as well. Thus, women should maintain a food diary to identify the food triggers of this condition and thereafter refrain from their consumption.

Stress is another factor closely associated with the provocation of numerous healthy conditions, hot flashes being one of them. Adopting relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and yoga have been found to be extremely beneficial to several women experiencing hot flashes.

Although there is not set answer to how long one would be experiencing hot flashes, the good news is that with most women the condition ceases on not experiencing periods for one complete year. Until then, it would be wise to adopt natural remedies to minimize its effects.

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How Many Years Do Hot Flashes Last




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