Best Pajamas To Wear Night Sweats  

Night sweats are very common in women. There are several reasons why women get night sweats starting from gynecological problems to other conditions as well. However, when women have night sweats, they can completely soak up their clothes. To wake up from deep sleep in the middle of the night and feeling drenched is not a good feeling either. One has to be comfortable while sleeping and moreover the clothes that you wear to sleep can be extremely uncomfortable and be partially responsible for the night sweats.

There are several remedies available for the cure, but until you get rid of night sweats, you will have to suffer the after effects. Making alterations to your diet can help to improve the condition. One of the many remedies is that you should avoid sleeping in warm rooms and also avoid spicy food completely before retiring to bed at nights.

Women a get night sweats at any age, but it is more common during menopause. The night sweats that are caused due to menopause can be very annoying because they can last for years. It is also one of the symptoms of hypothalamus. There have been several conditions that are identified like idiopathic hyperhidrosis and sleep hydrosis. Even bacterial infections and tuberculosis can cause night sweats. Some serious health conditions like HIV, AIDS and cancer can cause night sweats. Diabetes and hypoglycemia are also known to cause it. There are some hormonal problems like hypothyroid, and neurological conditions that can cause night sweats. Some of the drugs can also cause such symptoms.

However, when it comes to dealing with a symptom like night sweat one should be smart about it. The first thing that matters is the clothes you wear at night. Wear light clothes like thin cotton and linen. They should be airy and comfortable. Also, even if you sweat excessively they have the ability to absorb the sweat and also dry out quickly. Your sleepwear should be very comfortable and if you can find such sleepwear custom made then you should buy those. Even polyester is a good material that helps during night sweats. The fabric is soft and also dries out quickly. Do not wear pajamas that are tight as they worsen the effect of night sweats. Also, they draw moisture away from your skin. Some of the nightwear sold specifically for this problem are called hot flashes night wear or wicking sleep wear. Shop with patience when you are trying to find a solution for the night sweats. Also, keep your skin dry and do not drink too much water before going to bed.

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Best Pajamas To Wear Night Sweats




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