Night Sweats And Alcohol  

Alcoholism is a chronic disorder and it causes several conditions that are unwanted for your health. Alcohol and night sweats are actually related and it is known to cause the problem of sweating profusely. Though many people do not agree with it, alcohol does have a role to play when it comes to night sweats.

Alcohol is known to dehydrate your body actually and when it is coupled with other habits like coffee, smoking it only makes the condition worse. Night sweats is a symptom that can actually cause you to wake up drenched in sweat during in the middle of the night. They are actually episodes that occur only during the night. There are several other conditions that can cause night sweats, like tuberculosis, menopause, andropause, stroke and leukemia. Even diabetes, hypothyroidism, and bacterial infections can cause night sweats in people. However, when people find that they are experiencing night sweats after they had a few drinks in the night, then the most possible cause is alcoholism.

If you do not drink everyday, then you may be prone to night sweats. Stop drinking for a few days and see if the condition has improved. Also, whenever you experience night sweats, try and think what you had to eat or drink during the day. Based on this you may want to make alterations in your diet. Even eating spicy and salty food can actually aggravate the problem.

However, chronic alcoholics who are actually in rehabilitation may experience night sweats even after they have quit drinking for some time. The problem will only go away gradually. You will also find that you are experiencing lesser episodes of night sweat once you quit drinking. At the same time, it can also be one of the withdrawal symptoms. So, be patient and wait until the body gets used to not drinking, and in a few weeks you would have completely recovered. Even if you do not experience night sweats, you may find that you are perspiring heavily.

However, several doctors believe that when alcohol abuse causes night sweats, there is more to worry about. So, you have to visit the doctor to get proper treatment even if quit drinking on your own. Repetitive alcohol abuse might have caused you to have other neurological problems as well. When you are talking about a treatment plan for alcoholism with your doctor, make sure you discuss the night sweats.

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