Stress And Night Sweats  

According to health experts, stress and night sweats are inter-linked with one causing the other. It has been that stress can result in night sweats, especially among men, and when night sweats cause a person to wake up in the night, it can lead to distress. Hence, stress and night sweats can result in a never ending vicious cycle. In order to treat the night sweats, the person would also require treatment for anxiety and stress.

When a person suffers from night sweats, the sweating is so severe that it can drench the bedclothes as well as the sleepwear. This sweating can make it difficult for the person to sleep and constantly sleeping in damp bedclothes can lead to chills and fever. Hence, when a person suffers from night sweats, it is recommended that the sleepwear as well as the bedclothes be changed. As this occurs in the night, the person will find it difficult to get back to sleep and this can further compound the anxiety and stress that the person is already suffering from.

There are many causes for stress and night sweats. The most common cause observed is the temperature of the bedroom. It can cause a person due stress and sweating. This can be easily resolved by adjusting the thermostat of the room or having a table fan next to the bed. However, at times, the night sweats could be a result of taking certain medication and the same is true for anxiety. Women who are entering into menopause are susceptible to anxiety, stress and night sweats. This can be treated through hormonal treatment.

It has been seen that men who are stressed out tend to suffer from night sweats very often. When the man is stressed, it causes disturbance in the sleep patterns and this, in turn, leads to night sweats. The higher the level of stress, the more severe are the night sweats.

People suffering from stress and night sweats should reduce their intake of caffeine. They should also do some relaxation exercises like meditation or breathing exercises to help alleviate the stress and the associated night sweats. However, if the night sweats are not primarily due to stress, then a thorough medical investigation is required to determine the cause. Then this health problem can be treated with the help of prescription medications. However, even using measures to reduce stress will help in reducing the night sweats in this case.

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