Body Language And Eye Contact  

Body language is a kind of non verbal communication that people use in different situations. And, based on a study conducted by UCLA, it turns out that most of human interaction occurs through non verbal communication.

Body language and eye contact can tell a person so much when holding a conversation. Just paying attention to a person's body language and the way he or she makes eye contact will allow you understand many things about the person in question. The way a person stares or looks will give you an understanding as to what the person is feeling or thinking. Hence, body language and eye contact often go hand in hand. For instance, if a person has softening of the eyes, it means that he or she is relaxed and trusts the other person. A long focused eye contact means aggression, while a short focused eye contact means that the person is interested but is not willing to be rude, or that the person is shy. On the other hand, if the person is not looking at you, then he or she could be thinking about themselves or they could be daydreaming. When a person is squinting while talking to you, then it means that he or she is evaluating something or the situation. Winking is often used to create a bond between 2 people, but in most cases winking means that the other person is interested in you.

Hence, understanding body language and eye contact can give you an understanding of another person and will allow you to form your own judgments and opinions of the person. However, remember that you could be wrong in your assessment, so do not let this be the sole criterion for judging and assessing a person.

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Body Language And Eye Contact


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