Facts About Body Language  

Body language is non verbal mode of communication wherein people use various gestures and actions to communicate what they are feel, think or experience. These gestures and actions may or may not be accompanied with words. It is said that if a person studies body language thoroughly, he or she will be able to spot a person lying.

Knowing how to use body language effectively can help reinforce a message or what you want to express. Hence, a person should know how to effectively use body language and verbal communication. Just by looking at a person's body language, it can be deciphered how confident he or she is. (See Reference 1)

There are many different kinds of body language. According to experts, people can have as many as 700,000 signs and gestures. (See Reference 2) And, one person is capable of making more than 250,000 facial expressions and has around 5,000 gestures of the hand. (See Reference 2)

When you look into the facts of body language, you realize that there is something called positive and negative body language. In the former, the non verbal gestures and actions show others that a person is giving a positive or optimistic response to what is being said. Nodding of the head in agreement or smiling with enthusiasm is an example of positive body language. On the other hand, negative body language shows that a person is in disagreement or is not in agreement with the entire idea of what is being said. Frowning, shaking the head and raising the eyebrows are examples of negative body language. Even crossing hands is considered to be a negative action. (See Reference 1)

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Facts About Body Language


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