A Love Letter To My Dad  

Who says that love letters can only be written to lovers? You can also write a love letter to your father. Often, the value of a father in a person's life is undermined because it is the mother who is the caregiver from birth. It is the mother who a child turns to when he or she cries or when he or she gets hurt. But fathers too play a very important role in a child's life.

As the child grows into an adult, many times he or she forgets to tell their father how much they love him and how much he means to them. This can easily be rectified by penning down a love letter to your dad.

When you do a research online for a love letter to my dad, you will get scores of samples and templates. These could be a good starting point to write a letter of love to your father. This is especially true for people who are stuck for words or do not know how to go about writing the letter.

If you are adamant that you want to write a love letter to you dad, then just sit back and think about those wonderful moments you shared with your dad. Pen them down as they come. This will give you some things that you might want to include in your letter, though it is not necessary.

The love letter to my dad should bring out the love and respect you feel for your dad. It should tell him how much you love him even though you have never said it in words and you know how he loves you. His actions were enough to let you know that he would always be there for you. Maybe, if your dad had a sense of humor or a unique way to tell bedtime stories, you can mention this in the letter and inform him how much those moments meant to you.

A lover letter to my dad is all about informing your dad about your feelings that you never mentioned before to him. This letter can be written any time of the year, but most people prefer to pen down this letter on Father's Day. So, you can do the same. Alternatively, you can send the letter for your dad's birthday. Imagine how happy he will be to receive this letter. He will end up cherishing this letter out of all his birthday presents and gifts.

So, what are you waiting for? Sit down and write that letter today to your dad to let him know how much you love and how you appreciate everything he did for you and the family.


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A Love Letter To My Dad


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