How To Send A Love Letter With Style ?  

If you want to show your spouse how much you love him or her even after so many years of marriage, think about penning down a love letter. While this may seem like a very small thing to do, writing and sending a love letter with style is no easy task. It requires a lot of thought. However, a well written love letter will be able to rekindle the flames of passion and even show a spouse that he or she is adored and loved as much as she or he was in the initial years of marriage.

If you have decided that you want to pen down a love letter to your spouse, then you should also know how to send a love letter with style. Here are some tips on it that you will find extremely useful:

First of all, make sure that you make an effort to write the letter yourself. Use the good old pen and paper to pen down the letter. Use a good quality plain paper to write the letter. Though printed paper looks good, it will make the reading difficult. Use a pen or fountain pen to write the letter in your own handwriting. Avoid using the computer as it will make the letter impersonal. After all, you want to show your spouse that he or she is special, so make an effort to show that your feelings are genuine.

Before you write on the actual paper, make a draft of the letter. This way you will be able to get the main purpose for writing the letter. The letter can reminisce about your marital life together, it can be a way to say sorry for a mistake your made or it can be to celebrate the life you have with your spouse. So, think carefully and write down what you feel and think. Be sure to mention that you appreciate your spouse and what the qualities that you love about him or her. Be very specific. It should be something that the personal and descriptive, like a look across the room or a hug when you are stressed out.

Write as though you are having a conversation with your spouse. Be yourself while writing the letter and above all, be honest.

Once you have written the letter, you can spray your spouse's favorite perfume on it. Then put it into an envelope and seal it. Leave it in a place that your spouse will find it. And then, just sit back and watch the look of surprise, love, tears and whole range of emotions on your spouse's face.


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How To Send A Love Letter With Style


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