How To Write A Love Letter To Ease My Pain ?  

Being able to express how you feel is one of the best ways to resolve any problem in a relationship. However, many people are not able to communicate properly and this can lead to a host of problems when it comes to a relationship. Also, the art of letter writing is dying as people depend more on emails, faxes, cell phones and e-cards. Imagine a situation where you made a mistake and you ended up having a fight with your loved one. It is a painful situation to be in. However, just by penning down a love letter, you can ease your pain. This is also true for people who have long distance relationships and want to ease the pain of loneliness.

So, how to write a love letter to ease your pain? There is nothing more personal than hand writing a letter to tell your partner, boyfriend or girlfriend how much you miss them or how sorry you are. Rather than making a phone call and then getting stuck for words or writing an email and making it impersonal, it is better to opt for a letter written by hand.

Once you have decided to write the letter, talk about what is causing your pain. If it was mistake you have committed, then acknowledge it. If you are missing your partner, then say it. Honesty is the foundation for a good healthy relationship and this should be kept in mind when penning down the letter.

Be sincere and thoughtful while writing the letter. Appreciate your partner and tell them how much you love them. Make sure that your words come from the heart and are not something copied from a movie or book. It is okay to use poems, but only when required. Make sure that you apologize for the fault you may have committed or for neglecting your partner because of work or any other pressure. Be certain that the apology is made from the heart. It is only then that it will ease your pain. If you want to tell your partner you miss him or her because of the distance, then say it. It will ease the pain of loneliness and also show your partner that you are thinking about him or her every waking moment.

Writing a love letter to ease your pain will not be easy. However, if you put enough thought into it and be honest about your feelings, your partner will realize your sincerity and appreciate it. Use simple language to express your pain. You will be surprised to learn that a love letter like this has the potential to rekindle the romance in your love life.

So, if you are experiencing pain, then sit down and start writing that love letter. It will help to ease your pain and show your partner how much you love and adore him or her.


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