Adolescence Love  

While love can occur at any age, the first time that a person falls in love is invariably during adolescence. It is a love that a person never forgets because it invokes feelings that the teenager never experienced before. The excitement and the drama of adolescence love is something that no one forgets, even when they reach adulthood.

Adolescence love brings out a whole range of feelings and emotions in an already turbulent teenager. However, at that age, the teenager enjoys these feelings and emotions. They are totally obsessed with the person they love and want to spend each waking moment with the person, or be in that person's presence. At the same time, the feeling for an adolescent is real and serious, and parents should refrain from laughing at it or claiming that it is not serious. By doing this, the teenager, who is already very sensitive due to puberty, will clam up and not have an open dialogue or communication with the parents.

Adolescence love is not wrong and should not be portrayed as though it is. Instead, the teenager should be supported to pass through the difficult phase with getting hurt too badly. At the same time, due to the raging hormones, parents should understand that a teenager's mood and feelings will be constantly changing. So, the first love that an adolescent experiences will go equally fast with the changing mood and feelings. Also, if the adolescent is dumped, he or she should be shown that it is not the end of the world, and there are still people who love and care for him or her.

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Adolescence Love




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