Adolescence Psychology  

Any psychological problems and issues in adolescents are dealt with the help of adolescence psychology. Adolescence is a period that falls between childhood and adulthood, and usually this transitional phase begins from the age of 11 and lasts until the age of 19. However, according to the WHO, adolescence starts from 10 and continues right until the age of 20.

When a child enters adolescence, his or her body goes through a series of physical and emotional changes. This is a confusing period the teenagers and they may not know how to handle these changes. This is the time when teenagers begin to spend more time with their peers. They often do not want to spend time with adults and as a result conflict between teenagers and parents increase creating a rift between the two.

The time that they spend with their peers need not always be positive. They may give in to negative peer pressure and resort to cheating and misdemeanors. They also begin to show anti-social behavior as they reach the age of 14 or 15 years. In addition, adolescents are more prone to anxiety and depression and often this is combated with the help of peer support. However, they still require the support of their parents.

Things like drug abuse, reckless driving, taking unnecessary risks, indulging into unsafe sex and getting in petty crimes are some of the issues that present day adolescents face. These are the issues and behavioral problems that adolescence psychology tries to deal with. Also, the mood disorders, anxiety, and eating disorders are issues that adolescence psychology treats effectively.

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Adolescence Psychology




Challenges-During-Adolescence      Adolescence is a period that is full of challenges. This is a time when a teenager undergoes a lot of changes, physically, chemically and emotionally. The adolescent's life changes dramatically wherein he or she starts having increased hormone levels, the thought process changes, and so also the social life. The teenager has to deal with all these changes at the same time, and this can be extremely challenging. More..





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