Challenges During Adolescence  

Adolescence is a period that is full of challenges. This is a time when a teenager undergoes a lot of changes, physically, chemically and emotionally. The adolescent's life changes dramatically wherein he or she starts having increased hormone levels, the thought process changes, and so also the social life. The teenager has to deal with all these changes at the same time, and this can be extremely challenging.

During adolescence, parents should play a highly supportive role. They have all the necessary experience, resources and maturity to make this transition as easy as possible. Parents have to first of all understand the convoluted and conflicting requirements of a teenager.

During adolescence, a teenager is trying to carve out his or her own identity that is completely separate from the parents. No doubt teenagers love their parents, but they do not want to follow in the foot steps of the parents. They try to challenge their parents' authority in every possible way and also pay no heed to suggestions given by their parents. Instead adolescents prefer to spend more time with their peers and give all the credit to them. They yearn to be accepted by their peers and go out of their way to gain this acceptance. They end up highlighting their strengths and playing down their weaknesses.

Another challenge during adolescence is shunning social interaction with parents and other adults. They prefer to be with their peers. However, this same preference can also lead to anxiety and depression among some adolescents.

Parents by being there for their adolescents can provide all the necessary emotional support to overcome the challenges during adolescence. They should avoid being critical of their teenager, and instead try to treat them like adults, which is what an adolescent wants. Make the adolescent responsible for his or her behavior and deeds. Let them take decisions even if it is not the right one. But make sure that you are there to support them if things go wrong.

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Challenges During Adolescence




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