Needs Of Adolescence  

Adolescence is the period that comes between childhood and adulthood. It is a transitional phase, which can make a teenager vulnerable to many things, psychologically as well as physically. It is a phase when many harmful habits are acquired. An adolescent may take up smoking, abusing drugs or drinking alcohol. All these habits can wreak havoc with the health of the teenager. So, a parent should pay utmost attention to the needs of adolescence.

It is generally believed that adolescents are quite healthy by the time they reach their second decade of their lives. They have managed to overcome all the health problems of childhood and have many years before they can face health issues that come with aging. However, still many adolescents die each year due to accidents, suicide, violence or pregnancy related problems. According to the World Health Organization, nearly 70 percent of early and untimely deaths among adults is primarily due to lifestyle habits acquired during adolescence.

So, when it comes to needs of adolescence, due care should be given to both physical health and mental health. Teenagers should be taught the importance of living a healthy life and practicing safe sex. Also, social skills and self esteem should be encouraged, so that they learn basic values of life. Adolescents should have all the necessary knowledge to make decisions that will positively affect both their health and personal development. While peer groups exert a lot of pressure and influence on adolescents, parents and other family members should also try to exert positive influence on the teenagers. This will ensure that the teenagers will think twice before giving in to negative peer pressure. In addition, a home should be a safe haven for an adolescent where he or she does not have to put up an act or be someone that he or she is not. This will allow teenagers to stay connected with their parents and family, and ensure proper physical, emotional and personal development.

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Needs Of Adolescence




Required-Adolescence-Nutrition      Usually girls reach puberty between 12 years and 13 years, while boys attain puberty between 14 years and 15 years. Adolescence is one of the fastest growing phases in a person's life where the body undergoes a lot of physical changes as well as emotional changes. However, the physical changes that the body goes through have to be supported with adequate nutrition. In order to ensure that proper growth occurs and no health problems take place, adolescence nutrition should not be underestimated or neglected. More..





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