Role Of Adolescence  

The word adolescence comes the Latin word adolescere, which translates into to grow up. Adolescence is a transitional phase between childhood and adulthood. It a period marked with several changes where the teenager is an adult physically, but is not completely mature emotionally. However, during this period, a teenager slowly but surely matures into an adult.

The role of adolescence is to bring about changes, physically, emotionally and behaviorally, in the teenager. The teenager goes through various development stages which overlap with one another. However, it is the body that undergoes the maximum change.

During adolescence, hormones are raging in the teenager's body. These hormones bring about an interest in the opposite gender and the teenager becomes interested in sexual activities. During this period, the teenager's emotions are haywire and this could lead to depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and also eating disorders. Teenagers are emotionally very volatile and this can sometimes attract them to youth crimes. They are busy searching for their identity and this can be one of the biggest problems they face. An adolescent has role models, who can be sports stars, actors, or even rock stars. They want to copy and imitate their role models.

Adolescence is a natural phase that any teenager goes through. The role of adolescence is to reach adulthood after going through several behavioral, developmental and cognitive changes. The physical changes that occur include facial hair growth in boys and menstruation in girls. Also, body hair starts making an appearance, while girls develop breasts. Usually adolescence is the period between the age of 10 and 20 as defined by the WHO. During this period, kids no longer rely on their parents and become independent of them.

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Role Of Adolescence




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