What Is Adolescence ?  

Adolescence is a phase that begins at the age of 11 and continues right through the age of 19. It is a transitional phase between childhood and adulthood. It is during adolescence that a child begins to develop all the adult characteristics, both physically and emotionally. During this phase, a teenager tries to carve his own identity and personality.

This period is marked with mood swings which occur due to increased levels of hormones. You may find a teenager who is happy one moment and the next, he or she is angry and furious. This is because of hormones and is a very natural phase for any adolescent to go through.

This phase is a difficult one as now a teenager is neither a child nor an adult. He or she is somewhere in between. An adolescent finds it difficult to express their thoughts and feelings and this could lead to an outburst for no reason whatsoever. Also, adolescents do not take to parental control very well and may start rebelling. They prefer spending more time with their peers rather than their parents and family. Also, during this phase, an adolescent may look out for a new role model in his life. This role model can be either another adult or a peer.

Adolescence is a phase when a teenager yearns to be part of a group. The group will have the same interests and be more or less alike. However, during this period, teenagers are also prone to give into peer pressure and may get into negative behavior and habits. Therefore, it is a very delicate phase that has to be handled with care. A lot depends on how secure the teenager is about his own identity. If he or she is secure, then they will be able to discern between right and wrong. However, an adolescent has to be strong enough to say no to something that is wrong.

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What Is Adolescence




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