Facts On Peer Pressure  

Peer pressure is the pressure that is exerted by a peer group to bring about a change in a person's attitude, behavior or morals, so that the person can fit perfectly into that particular group. While teenagers are busy submitting to peer pressure, they forget to look at the negative side of the pressure.

Peer pressure can cause a person to give up his identity and personality. So, as a result, the person ends up making wrong choices in life, something that he or she might regret later on in life. Peer pressure is definitely something to be aware of and worry about if you are a parent of a teenager.

Here are some facts on peer pressure that you should know:

  • Peer pressure is highly prevalent among teenagers or youth who are of an impressionable age.
  • Many times due to peer pressure, teenagers take on habits like smoking, drug abuse and binge drinking.
  • Peer pressure can be positive or negative. In negative peer pressure, the effects on the teenager are negative, while positive peer pressure helps a teenager to become into a better and more responsible person.
  • This pressure governs the teenager's lifestyle habits. It will have an impact on the way a teenager dresses, what sort of music or movies he or she likes or even the fashion trend the teenager follows. Basically, peer pressure influences the entire life of a teenager.
  • Peer pressure can have a serious impact in the developmental growth of a teenager and should not be dismissed as being unimportant.
  • Peer pressure is instrumental in getting teenagers into unprotected sex and also unsafe sex practices. This increases the chances of teenage pregnancy.
  • Parents and other family members need to play a supportive role in helping a teenager overcome this pressure. It also requires the teenager to be determined and confident.

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Facts On Peer Pressure




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