Type Of Peer Pressure  

Peers have a powerful impact on the life of a teenager. During adolescence, teenagers are looking to be accepted by a group and be a part of a social group, and that is when peer pressure exerts a force on the life of a teenager. There are many different types of peer pressure. Some can be direct, while others are more indirect and subtle.

The different types of peer pressure that a teenager may have to face are as follows:

Direct and Negative Peer Pressure: In this type of peer pressure, the pressure exerted on the teenager is direct and spoken out aloud. For instance, a teenager may be told by his or her friends that he or she is always studying and does not do anything fun. So, the teenager is obliged to go for a drink when an invitation is handed out to him or her. Basically this type of peer pressure forces a teenager to do something that he or she should not do. With direct and negative peer pressure, a teenager cannot make excuses and get out of the situation.

Unspoken and Indirect Peer Pressure: In this type of peer pressure, the pressure is not exerted by means of words. Rather all the members in the peer group act, behave or dress in a particular manner and this puts a lot of pressure on the teenager to follow everyone else in the group. This primarily because the teenager does not want to stand out as a sore thumb while he or she is with the peer group. They want to fit in.

Positive Peer Pressure: Peer pressure is not always negative. It can have a positive impact on a teenager. For instance, due to peer pressure, a teenager may want to join a gym, take part in sports or even study hard to get good grades. In this type of peer group, the words are spoken allowed and positive behavior is encouraged by the members of the group.

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