What Is Peer Pressure ?  

Peer pressure is a type of pressure exerted by a social group that influences the way a person acts or behaves. It can also influence the person's beliefs and values. Basically due to peer pressure, a person's behavior changes and so does his belief. Peer pressure can be either positive or negative.

When it comes to teenagers, they are highly vulnerable to peer pressure. They are going through a turbulent period in their developmental stage during which they are trying to find their identity and personality. They want to be accepted by a group outside the family circle. This is when peer pressure becomes dangerous, as it can influence a teenager to take up undesirable habits like smoking, doing illegal drugs and drinking alcohol. Peer pressure can also force a teenager to get into sexual activities even if they are not ready for intimacy.

However, peer pressure is not always negative in nature. It can also be positive and help a teenager perform better at school or take up extracurricular activities. Positive peer pressure can force a teenager to give up a bad habit and take up a good one.

So, basically peer pressure is a type of social pressure that is exerted on a person by his social group. Usually teens are subject to peer pressure because they end up spending more time with their friends rather than their families. A lot of a teenager's personality is molded and shaped by the peer group he or she socializes with. The teenager just follows the flow and trend prevalent in the group and acts in accordance with the group.

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