Sex Education For Teens

          Sex education for teens is extremely useful in preventing the practice of unsafe sex. It checks the rampant spread of communicable and sexually-transmitted diseases such as AIDS. It safeguards young females against unwanted pregnancies and unnecessary abortions. Most importantly, sex education instills moral principles related to sexuality in the young minds, which encourages more responsible sexual behavior -- such as refusal and resistance to peer coercion to engage in sexual activities.

          Teens need to understand that sex is a natural urge and an important component of the normal life of most adults and that it must never be associated with feelings of guilt or shame. Sex education is, therefore, very crucial for young people to promote healthy and responsible sexual behavior and attitudes. With the absence of sex education during childhood and teens, young minds will learn about this “forbidden” subject from pornographic books, magazines and movies, which leave them dangerously confused about the concept of sex.

          Sex education for teens must be imparted both at home by the parents as well as at the school by teachers. However, most parents are very busy or are themselves deficient in a proper understanding on this subject or are simply not comfortable discussing this subject with their kids.

          This makes it all the more important to provide kids with the requisite sex education at schools as a part of the regular school curriculum. The curriculum for sex education should so be designed that it encompasses a wide range of human relationships, including sex. It is advisable to begin sex education at a very early stage of the education process. Information can be provided in small doses and in simple ways. A concentric mode of education can be adopted where the kids are exposed to more information on sex education each year. As a result of sex education, kids come to recognize sex as something very natural and do not consider it a taboo any more, nor are they extra inquisitive about topics related to sex. So, when kids become teenagers, sex is not something they would spend too much time dwelling on. Instead, the teens would spend their time on other activities.

Sex Education For Teens

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