Ethical Dilemmas In Pharmacy  

Pharmacists have an ethical responsibility towards mankind at all times, since they are healthcare professionals who are responsible for dispensing drugs to the trusting public. Hence it is a must that patient welfare and ethical dealings should be of top priority when it comes to pharmacy practice.

All pharmacists are required to act honestly and maintain highest levels of integrity when it comes to their professional responsibilities, in accordance with Article IV of the pharmacists' code of ethics. The responsibility of a pharmacist is two-fold; first, he must remember that he is an honorable associate of the healthcare industry, and it is his duty to use his knowledge and proficiency to provide the best drug therapy and help people. Next, he must also use his expertise in such a manner that his customers are able to afford quality healthcare services and products.

Pharmacists must also never ever accept or solicit favors from industry professionals. This is of paramount importance since there exists the ethical dilemma of pharmaceutical companies offering ‘gifts’ to healthcare professionals as a way of increasing sales of their services and products. These ‘gift’ are usually in the form of money, material things, exotic holidays, subsidies or tickets to expensive social events. Even though healthcare professionals argue that these can hardly influence their decision in administering drugs to those in need, there has been mounting evidence that proves otherwise.

The ACCP asks pharmacists to make a judgment call when faced with this kind of an ethical dilemma. Pharmacists are also required to fully disclose any association they may have with the industry, and those do are not allowed to make decisions as part of regulatory boards that lay down guidelines for the industry on clinical practices.

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Ethical Dilemmas In Pharmacy




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Ethical Dilemmas In Pharmacy )
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