Example Of My Personal Ethical Dilemma  

All of us face some kind of an ethical dilemma from time to time. This is a common phenomenon in our day to day lives, and can occur anywhere -- at home, at work, on the streets or in public. What one decides to do or say at those times largely define the kind of person one is. Alternately, how someone else handles himself when confronted with an ethical dilemma shapes our opinion of that person.

When it comes to business management, ethical dilemmas of a personal nature occur very frequently. Running a business is by itself a challenging task, and even more so when a business professional is in a compelling situation which demands that a difficult decision to be made. When such confrontational situations occur, sound business sense is of no help. What is required is the correct moral behavior, and a decision or action which should be in the best interests of all concerned. Faulty business decisions made when faced with ethical dilemma can ruin careers, homes and entire businesses. Such situations usually happen when business people are faced with situations that involve misuse of power, lack of transparency, poor way of communicating with employees and clients, refusal to disclose information fully, and accepting or soliciting gifts from vendors.

All ethical dilemmas are not of a ‘black and white’ nature though. Suppose you have developed new software while at work. You know that marketing it will make you a millionaire. The product is yours, yet it has been created while using the company’s space time and equipment. Now what do you think would be the right thing to die?

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Example Of My Personal Ethical Dilemma




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Example Of My Personal Ethical Dilemma )
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