Ethical Dilemma In Nursing

          With the technological developments in the fields of medical care, long life has now become a reality. Health care professionals are able to provide both conventional and latest medical treatments to save the lives of people suffering with even chronic and terminal illnesses. However, ethical issues and conflicts have now become very common in health care industry due to rising medical costs. Many times, health care providers and nurses encounter critical situations that require them to make decisions that have to be both ethical and medical.

          An ethical dilemma can be considered as a mental state where a nurse has make a choice out of all the available options, while attending a patient. Nurses are trained with the objective of providing quality nursing care to patients with the assistance of technology. However, emphasis must also be there to provide knowledge and skills to nurses so that they can help diagnose ethical situations in health care and address them efficiently. On the other hand, nurses often face situations where they would be unable to decide on the correct course of treatment or action as their values and beliefs conflicts with the interests of the patient.

          In critical medical complications, family members often find it difficult to decide on the best treatment option. In these situations, assistance from well-qualified and trained nurses can be sought for obtaining critical information and support. In another situation, a nurse needs to administer a life-saving drug to a patient undergoing treatment in the critical care unit, but is not directed to do so. There are numerous such instances of ethical dilemmas in nursing. Nurses are expected to be benevolent, truthful, maintain confidentiality, respect the patient’s individuality and autonomous so as to be ethical.

Ethical Dilemma In Nursing

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