Company Ethical Policy Violations

          Maintenance of correct ethical and legal code of conduct is vital so as to ensure smooth operations of a company and prevent any adverse effect upon the organization. Every company has a corporate ethical policy where all the ethical and legal obligations, practices and principles of the company are codified.

         The corporate ethical policy is designed to provide company’s directors, officers, employees, representatives, shareholders, customers, suppliers and even the general public with a statement of the company’s commitment to conduct ethical business. It is the fundamental responsibility of all the employees and representatives associated with the organization to abide by these policies.          

         According to a company’s ethical policy, every employee should maintain confidentiality of information. This includes trade secrets, intellectual property rights, strategic corporate plans and product information that might be harmful to the company if shared with the external world or individuals. Every employee should work towards proper utilization and better management of company’s resources, funds and assets. One should never indulge in any sort of activities like misusing company’s funds, damaging company’s assets, carelessness and wastage. An employee should not indulge in any illegal discrimination or unfair attitude towards fellow employees. Conflicts with the management and corruption are also not entertained. Maintenance of accurate books and records is an obligation that every employee of the company should adhere to. Records should not contain any false or misleading entries.

          Every company has a legal ethics committee that deals with all the issues pertaining to violation of corporate ethics policy. However, violation of laws, rules and regulations can also be reported to the Chairman or the Director of the company. Any staff members violating ethical policy are subjected to appropriate disciplinary action that might even include termination from the service.

Company Ethical Policy Violations

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