Ethics And Morality In Christianity

          Ethics and morals are behavioral principles in humans that determine what is right and what is wrong. As per the belief of a common man, Christianity is a religion that is bound by a certain set of rules and regulations that have been imposed by the Almighty. A Christian is required to follow these principles that impose a sense of morality and a specific ethical behavior in the individual.

          Ethical practices in Christianity evolved during the Roman era. This was the period when early Christians were a part of Roman Empire. Ethics in Christianity are primarily centered on grace, mercy and forgiveness. A Christian is expected to have thoughts and deeds that are respectable and honorable and must abstain from doing any sins. The three virtues indicated in Bible include faith, hope and love. However, another four cardinal virtues were adapted by Aquinas that includes justice, courage, temperament and prudence.

          According to the New Testament, God is the supreme power who is autonomous, independent and is self-existent. Individuals should have complete belief and love towards God with unfettered heart, mind, strength and soul. The New Testament directs individuals to love neighbors as one would love oneself. Morality refers to good and evil. Religion of Christianity states that good exists only is God. There is no other form of legitimate, genuine and absolute “Good” except the God Himself. It is God who reveals Himself and He can only define His character of goodness. One can have complete understanding and knowledge of goodness if they know God through Jesus Christ. Goodness is not a static structure. It is a dynamic state that constantly flows.

          This means that in modern times, the question of ethics and morality in Christianity is being seriously debated. The people from the old school want to hold on to the preachings of the Bible while the more progressive ones want to change according to the times and situations.

Ethics And Morality In Christianity

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