Examples Of Moral Law  

Moral law is a set of guidelines based on which individuals or a group of people behave. These guidelines do not necessarily come from religion or written somewhere or are they legally enforceable. They just exist and people follow them like they follow the rules of God. Most people follow the moral laws because it is the right thing to do.

Also, these laws are applicable to everyone in this world and not a certain group or the sect of the society. Everyone behaves in a normal state other than a few exceptions. For example, take anger which is a negative emotion. Anger can cause violence or it can lead to extreme situations where the person ends up murdering or killing someone in a rage. Most people in the normal state of being will not harm each other physically when they are angry. They will try to control their anger, and stop themselves from hurting the person they are angry with. This is a normal and educated behavior. In exceptional cases, anger goes out of control and leads to violence. However, these rules or code of conduct even under extremely pressurizing circumstances like anger are followed without thinking twice.

There are several such examples of moral law, like smiling when we see a person looking at us even though we do not know them. This is not a moral, but the right feeling which comes from the fact that we were taught to be nice to people. There are several moral laws which are found in expressions of people, and they are unanimously applicable to one and all.

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Examples Of Moral Law




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