Example Of Statement Of Personal Ethics  

Examples of personal ethics should not be hard to come across in daily life. If they are, then you need to change the company you have been keeping! Or you need to take a long, hard look at your own set of ethics, and alter them as soon as possible, since these are essentially what give you your identity in society.

Personal ethics define you as a person, and the impression others have of you. These dictate your reactions to people and situations in daily life, and consequently tell others what to expect from you or what not to. Your personal ethics are a part of every action you take and choices that you make. They a reflected in the way you lead your life, the kind of work you choose to be involved with, your attitude towards relationships and family, your friends and pretty much everything that makes you who you are.

You will also notice from the above that your personal ethics not only govern you, but also have a major impact on the lives of others who come in contact with you. All the decisions that you make throughout your life are influenced by your personal ethics. For instance, you are working for a company that offers you a fantastic pay, great benefits and amazing perks. Yet you know that the organization is responsible for polluting the environment in a major way. Whether you keep quiet or save the lives of millions will be decided by your personal ethics.

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Example Of Statement Of Personal Ethics




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