Examples Of Family Values  

A family can be compared to a group of people in which every person has a support role to play, and therefore, ends up nurturing others. A family has the responsibility of creating a safe, supportive and positive environment for its members. This is what is known as family values.

The older people in the family are role models to the younger ones. They are known to keep relationship not just with friends, but also with the community, and they teach the younger lot the value of those relationships. However, there are some essentials which make a family strong, and these are what help to build family values. These essentials are flexibility, cohesion and communication.

Cohesion in a family is very important because unity creates strength. It is good for a family to be together, but every person should have his own individuality. So the togetherness of the family should not make a person depend on others, it should make him confident to survive in the society knowing that he has the support of his family in all his endeavors.

Family flexibility is also an important element because a person's lifetime decisions should not be dominated by others. Everybody should have freedom to make their own decisions and live with them. When there is any problem, the family should solve them together without laying blame on each other.

Communication can make a family or break it. Everybody should feel free to express their thoughts and feelings. Otherwise there may be conflicts in the family.

The couple which is heading the family plays an important role in shaping the family. There should be a good understanding between them. A happy marriage is the beginning of the happy family, and it leads to happy society.

The society is benefited by a happy family. There will be less crimes and emotional problems in a society which has families with strong family values.

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Examples Of Family Values




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