Importance Family Values  

A family can be defined as a group of people who are connected by blood, faith, love and happiness. Family values are to a family like oxygen is to a body. The individuals in a family may have different interests in different things, but they come together with family morals and values.

One can liken a family to a tree. Our ancestors comprise the roots, while the branches are different generations of the family. Just as nutrients flow from the roots to the branches, family values and morality flow from our ancestors to us. So, if the roots are strong and healthy, the tree is strong. And, when every tree is strong, then the society will be a happy society. The values and traditions bind different generations of a family together. And, parents in a family have the main responsibility of teaching their children family values, traditions, culture and rituals practiced by the family.

Teaching children family values helps them to understand the importance of family, to have an identity, and to live according to the practices and traditions followed in the family. This makes them feel like a part of whole picture. Family values mean the culture, tradition, morals and rituals practiced by a family, and most of these have been followed by the family for ages. If the family understands this and lives accordingly, it can have a happy life.

The basic things like giving respect to elders, politeness, having belief in god, and speaking the truth are the morals which need to be followed at home will make an individual successful in life. When every family follows these morals, we will cultivate a happy and healthy society. That is why family values are important, and all people should make an effort to realize their importance.

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Importance Family Values




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