What Are True Family Values ?  

A value is something in which you believe. It is a base which can be used to judge whether you have done the right or wrong thing. You do not just use them to judge yourself, but you use them to judge others also.

The way we act and live depend on the values we follow. If you think having alcohol is a bad habit, you will keep away from it. And even if you drink, you may end up feeling a little guilty because of what you believe in. So, if you meet somebody who drinks everyday, you may not feel comfortable with the person. However, this person may not agree with you, and you may not agree with them.

Just like the fingerprints differ from person to person, values also differ. Values are not just the rules that handed down from your parents, but they are mixed with what you learnt in school, your experiences in life and the society you live in.

Values may differ between the same friends group and family. In some families, there is a disagreement on marriage. Sometimes, people think that lying makes things easier in life, but others do not believe in telling lies.

Values can also be associated with spirituality, health, cultural awareness, truthfulness, being loyal, wealth, independence, education, safeguarding the nature, being creative, personal growth, security and stability.

The mixture of different values makes a family value system. To know your value system, know what is it that matters and does not matter, and what are your beliefs and disbeliefs. Get answers to these questions and make your own family values and abide them.

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What Are True Family Values




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