Why Is Academic Honesty Important ?  

Academic honesty is very important for students because the well being of the student community regarding their performance in academics depends on this particular factor. When one student cheats and gets a better grade, then he or she is cheating every other student who is really working hard to find their way to better grades.

Though getting higher grades is not competitive in the immediate student environment, in the wider picture it is definitely a problem. For example, if a student clearly has no aptitude, then he or she should find an alternative course or work harder to get better grades. However, if a student is cheating at their academic level like using student aids for their projects or having someone else write their thesis or reports for them by outsourcing them on the internet, or just copying literature from the internet, it is a type of academic cheating. All these put together lead to academic dishonesty.

Academics put the student’s abilities and capabilities to test. If a student gets away by cheating, then their true worth can never be proven. Also, such students may get by at their college level and enjoy the false pride about their grades. However, when it comes to finding employment, they really have to prove what they have done and also show their achievements through their skills.

Cheating, plagiarism, deception and fabrication of facts are all types of academic dishonesty. In the United States, statistics show that nearly 70 percent of the students are involved in academic dishonesty. Students resort to all kinds of dishonest means when they see the result being positive, and the rate of it only increasing as time goes by.

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Why Is Academic Honesty Important




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