Can Integrity Be Taught ?  

Integrity is a very important value that is needed by an individual, a society and a country. If there is no integrity, then there would be no peace and harmony and also honesty. Integrity and honesty means the same on several levels, but integrity sometimes holds a higher value than honesty in different circumstances.

Lack of integrity can be identified when we come across cases of dishonesty, stealing, cheating and also bullying. These types of things can happen in a political, economical, financial or family environment.

Integrity can actually be taught to children at a very young age. It is every parent’s responsibility to do it so that their children grow up to being better individuals. If an adult does not have integrity, then it can never be taught to them by another person. Sometimes life’s experiences teach such values to people. However, they have to go through such an experience and bring about the change for their own good.

The best way to teach integrity to children is by showing it. There will be several such occasions in your life where you show integrity with the society or family members. These occasions should be used as examples to show children that you have integrity and also children should be explained about the value of it. Even voting for elections is a way of showing integrity. The value and importance of it should be reiterated time and again so that children know what it means. Also, when children show their integrity, you should tell them that they have done well and appreciate them for it.

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Can Integrity Be Taught




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