Ethics And Integrity In Your Business  

Any person running any type of business should have ethics and morals supporting it. A business can be successful only if it is run in an ethical manner. There are several business ethics one has to follow, and one of them is definitely integrity.

Business ethics can make or break a business, whether it is a small or big one. Also, it is not enough if the business owner has these ethics and practices them, he or she will have to ensure that everyone working in the organization also practices them without fail. One of the qualities you should encourage among your employees is integrity. When employees show integrity, then all other morals and ethics fall in place.

This is a popular saying for business -- If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you do not have integrity, nothing else matters. These are the words of Alan K. Simpson

A research indicates that when employees show ethics and integrity, then the results are seen in financial growth of the company. Some ethics like truthfulness, honesty, open mind, commitment, and involvement do affect all kinds of business whether small or large. Having mutual respect in the business environment is also good for the business. However, it starts from the top most level and works its way down.

Ethics and integrity go hand in hand and if you are a business owner and want to build it into a successful one, you should encourage your employees to have integrity. This can be done in several ways in your organization.

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Ethics And Integrity In Your Business




Example-Of-Integrity      Integrity is a virtue and quality that comes from within the person, and also to other living around you. A person should be integrated with themselves, and also with people around them. Integrity is tied with several other qualities like honesty, patriotism, truthfulness and many other similar virtues. For instance, if people belonging to a country are fighting amongst themselves, then the biggest reason for it is lack of integrity. The country has failed to instill it in their people and this could be due to the lack of political stability. That is a very big and complicated example, but the reason for such complicated problems is lack of integrity. More..





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