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Integrity is a virtue and quality that comes from within the person, and also to other living around you. A person should be integrated with themselves, and also with people around them. Integrity is tied with several other qualities like honesty, patriotism, truthfulness and many other similar virtues. For instance, if people belonging to a country are fighting amongst themselves, then the biggest reason for it is lack of integrity. The country has failed to instill it in their people and this could be due to the lack of political stability. That is a very big and complicated example, but the reason for such complicated problems is lack of integrity.

If a business owner, for instance, is not honest with their employees or has no respect for them, then the employees will show lack of integrity. This will result in poor performance of the business and also financial losses. If a company has employees cheating, then there is a lack of integrity somewhere.

The hierarchy of integrity can be understood very easily and also the after effects can be seen clearly. Integrity is an important virtue for successful nations, businesses, and families. Without it there will be no success. For instance, in a family of four people, if nobody respects others' feeling, do not value their time or have no proper communication with each other, then the family structure will very soon fall apart.

People since ancient times have been practicing integrity. One of the popular example is Socrates showed his integrity by declining to carry out immoral orders by the King. For this refusal, he was sentenced to death. However, his friends came to visit him in prison and planned his escape. Socrates declined this suggestion. He felt that though his so-called crime was unfair, his sentence was pronounced by a lawful court and hence, had to be followed through.

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Example Of Integrity




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