What Is Ethical Integrity ?  

Integrity is a quality that demands from a person to be honest and truthful in all situations in life. Integrity means being dependable and reliable at times when the situation or people need them. A person with integrity will never let others down through their actions.

Most of the virtues we possess reflect in our actions whether they are good or bad. Integrity though being a quality by itself, there are several kinds of it. Ethical integrity is one such type of integrity. What does ethical integrity mean? Every single person is made up of some kind of ethics which they show from time to time. They may have work based ethics, personal ethics and familial ethics. Ethical integrity is showing these ethics and standing them no matter what they do. People who have strong ethical integrity will stand up for what they are, what they believe in, and also take responsibility for what they do.

This is a very important quality that all people should possess. Also, in the medical field this is the single biggest quality doctors and nurses ought to have. Having ethical integrity is very important for a business if the business wants to be successful. Their reputation depends on these values. For example, if a company distributes a product and it caused harm to several people, they have to show their ethics and integrity by openly admitting to it and doing what is needed to repair the damage. Companies that lack in this area end up with court cases and also loss of reputation.

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What Is Ethical Integrity




What-Is-The-Meaning-Of-Integrity      Of all the values we hold in life, integrity is the greatest value and moral that people can possess. Integrity is an ability in many ways because how you show your integrity and in what situations you show it also make a difference. If you are able to recognize the time and event where your integrity is very valuable, then you can become successful very quickly in life. If you want to learn this skill, then it should come from within. More..





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