Checklist Of Early Child Development  

The physical development of a child involves two broad areas -- gross motor and fine motor skills. Both have to develop in balance for the child to have normal development. In order to keep track of the physical development of your child during the younger years, you need to follow the movements, the capabilities in activities, the grasping power as well as the improvement displayed in tasks by ‘practice’.

That is why it is imperative for parents to have a checklist of early child development. By using a checklist, parents can see and note down whether each development milestone is being reached at the appropriate time.

Mental growth also has a bearing to the physical efficiency. For example, attention, sensory coordination and integration skills are important for the child to execute instructions and understand a task.

The pace of physical development may vary within children. Hence, if your child lacks in certain tasks that are appropriate for a particular age, you need not worry too much. You need to assess the overall development before coming to a conclusion.

Some of the checklists for infants are listed below

One Year:

  • Sit independently
  • Stand comfortably
  • Walk holding to a support
  • Hold small objects
  • Pick up tiny objects

Two Years:

  • Run and walk
  • Climb a chair and get down
  • Climb stairs with support
  • Assemble building blocks (up to 6 pieces)
  • Be able to hold crayons
  • Copy lines drawn by an adult

Three Years:

  • Ride a tricycle
  • Jump with both feet
  • Kick a ball
  • Assemble building blocks (up to 9 pieces)
  • Use scissors
  • Copy simple figures like cross, circle or dots
  • Solve a simple jigsaw puzzle (about 5 to 6 pieces)

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Checklist Of Early Child Development





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