Poems About Achievement  

If you not an inborn poet, writing a poem, on a topic like ‘achievement’, can be difficult and complicated for you. To create magic with your words in a poem, there are many things you should keep in mind about poetry writing.

First, be clear about the theme or the subject of the poem. Although the poem is about achievement, you must be clear about the aspects of achievement that you wish to convey. It may be about your personal experience or your general view on what it takes to achieve great things in life. Achievement poetries are usually inspirational and must, therefore, be written in an appropriate tone.

Second, you must decide the way in which you wish to convey the subject; it may be in form of a story, description, or an experience. Once you are done with it, pen down all the phrases, sentences, or words that you can think of on the decided theme. Also bear in mind that as the poem is all about feelings and emotions, don’t write what you usually hear about ‘achievement’; instead, express what you ‘feel’ about ‘achievement’. To ensure this, make sure you are in a good mood of writing and in the right place. For the poetry style, you can choose anything from contemporary to classical.

Lastly, the poem must make sense to the audience that you are targeting.

As studying the poems written by others helps a lot in getting familiar with poetry writing styles, rhyming patterns, and formats, here are a few simple examples of poems about achievement for beginners to make your job easier.

I am Woman...
Poet: Lydia S

I am a woman of many talents, and the guardian of my children.
I have the strength of my God, to lead me through whatever Life has in store for me.
I shall look ahead; rather than be pulled back to past sorrows or mistakes, for only by moving forward can I begin anew. I will pray for those I love, that my love may be their blessings, that my prayers will be their strength.
I will love myself, because my Father in heaven loves me even more.
I will sleep peaceful, knowing I have done my best, and no longer burden myself with thoughts of unworthiness, or worry about what other people think...because all that matters is my family.

Poet: Kate Buxbaum-Prado

Winners step into the circle to receive the prize,
where once decided long before,
"I will do this if I love or die!"

Poet: Daffijill (Jill Neugebauer)

You've studied hard,
You've done your best~
You've done reports,
And passed your tests.
You've juggled every
Student's hassle~
we all agree
you’ve earned your tassle!

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Poems About Achievement




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