What Are The Different Awareness Months ?  

There is a wide range of different awareness days, weeks, and months celebrated at different times of the year across the world to create awareness about diseases or common socio-economic issues prevalent in the society at a large. Promoting or creating awareness about widespread issues, popular subjects, or diseases in one particular month of the year is a great means to provide the required information on these issues to people of all age groups.

Contact information of the organizations, which arrange these awareness months and strive to make people aware of them, can be easily availed from the internet. Appropriate organizations can be contacted for posters, latest updates, and promotional kits. Interestingly, each awareness month is associated with a distinctively colored awareness ribbons. For instance, a pink ribbon is always used to denote the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The most common awareness months, which almost everyone knows about, include the Breast Cancer Awareness Month held in October, the Afro-American History Awareness Month held in February, the Correct Posture Awareness month in May, and the Self-Improvement Awareness month in September. However, the list is not so short. There are, in fact, numerous other awareness months organized across the globe. These months are nothing but mass awareness campaigns that strive to create awareness and raise funds to eliminate the issue, if possible.

Here is a list of some of the different issues for which awareness months are celebrated at different times during the first half of the year:

  • January: Prevention of Birth Defects, Cervical Cancer, Cataract, Fit lifestyle for family, financial wellness, glaucoma, personal defense, thyroid, mentoring, and financial wellness.
  • February: Dental Health of children, Afro-American History, Heart Issues, and Ethnic Equality.
  • March: Colorectal Cancer, nutrition, kidney problems, mental retardation, Red Cross, and Issues of social workers.
  • April: Excessive alcohol intake, autism, cancer control, sports safety, Child abuse, and stress, etc.
  • May: Better Sleep, Family Support, Mental Health, High Blood Pressure, Teen Pregnancy Prevention, etc.

Similarly, there is hundreds of other awareness months organized all around the globe, right through the year. So, in short, there is a lot that you can become aware of all the year round.

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What Are The Different Awareness Months ?




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