Charity Events For Kids  

To be generous and kind to the need of other people is one of the basic and essential traits of a human. It is very important that this trait be passed on to kids so that they practice it all through their life and the flame of kindness and generosity keeps is lit. What better way to inculcate these traits in kids than involving them in charity events?

Kids ought to be involved in fund-raising activities right from school so that they are in touch with the realities of the world and how they can be a part in decreasing the sufferings of the world, in some way or the other. Here are a few activities that can be helpful in involving kids for charity events:

  • Making greeting cards -- It would be fun for kids to make greeting cards so that they can be sold off and the proceedings can go for a good cause. It can be made more fun and would add to their imagination if they are taken out to open nature like in a garden or woods and asked them to sketch their imagination freely. Stocking enough number of pencils, color paints, paper etc. they can be left freely to paint as much as they can.
  • Involving them through sports -- Many kids love indulging in various kinds of sports. You can organize a sports event for playing baseball, soccer etc or even indoor games like scrabble, carom, chess etc especially for the kids. The tickets for these events can be sold to the kids or to their parents and the money raised through tickets can be donated for a good cause.

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Charity Events For Kids




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