International Charity Organizations  

There are a large number of charity organizations, operating nationally, locally, and internationally. Each of the international charity organizations represents a particular cause, which may be anything related to healthcare, arts, hunger, socio-economic issues of the society, global issues like unemployment, etc.

No matter what kind of interest you wish to support, you will certainly find some or other internationally functioning organization to work with to make your part of the contribution. As there is an indefinite number of charitable organizations operating all around the globe, choosing one which best suits your interests may be a daunting task. Whether you are looking for these organizations to make a donation or to volunteer for work, it is advisable to first become familiar with all the various kinds of charity organizations. So, you must take your final decision only after scrutinizing an extensive list of international charity organizations.

To make your job easier, go for lists that categorize all the non-profit, international organizations as per their primary interest. Some of the most popular charitable organizations, operating worldwide are a s follows:

  • Civil Liberties and Human Rights: Amnesty International, B'nai B'rith International, Doctors of the World, Committee for Missing Children, The Carter Center, Center for Constitutional Rights, Anti-Defamation League, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, NAACP, Human Rights Watch
  • Animal Rights: Associated Humane Societies, Animal Legal Defense Fund, Animal Welfare Institute, Defenders of Wildlife, Best Friends Animal Society, National Audubon Society, Marine Mammal Center
  • Environment and Land Conservation: Earth Justice, Cousteau Society, Environmental Defense Fund, Earth island Institute, etc.

Similarly, there are hundreds of other international charity organizations for general emergency relief, refugees, medical and healthcare assistance, cultural preservation, education, clinical illnesses, poverty, cognitive disabilities, and children and women welfare.

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International Charity Organizations




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