Creativity In Decision Making  

Decision making is an important quality every person in the world should possess in order to carve out a better lifestyle for himself. This sentence may sound exaggerated but little do we realize that all the good and the bad times that we face in our lives are solely based on the kind of decision we make and also on the ability to make the right decision at the right time.

Similar to an individual’s life, the strait of decision making is equally important in all kinds of organizational and corporate works. Most of the companies in fact hire people, especially in their top managerial posts after examining their decision making skills.

Now, just to be able to make decision at a given situation is sometimes not enough. The skill of making the right or the most appropriate decision in the shortest possible time in the given situation is what counts the most. Many people tend to generalize their decisions on the methods to apply while dealing with the same kinds of situations. While common sense says that similar types of situations call for a tried and test decision, or in other words, programmed decision making, it can also create the same set of problems as generated in the previous times. Also, monotony creeps in if the same procedure is repeated.

This calls for an impulsive decision, or sometimes called non- programmed decision to be applied to deal with certain situations. Creativity is referred to something that is untried before. Creativity also refers to something totally original. If such creativity is induced in the decision making process in an organization or even in daily life, new ideas and experiences can be made. Monotony will never set in and an excitement will always be there with each new challenge faced and each new situation met.

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Creativity In Decision Making




Creativity-Of-Thought      Creativity of thought is a tricky topic to deal with. It is tricky because it can offer up so many explanations and so many facets. The topic is a vast one that involves generalizing the thought process of the billions of humans residing in this world. Each human mind is unique in its own way. Each think differently, act differently and perceive differently too. This uniqueness stems out the concept of creativity. Before trying to go into the topic of creativity of thought, let us analyze what creativity is. More..





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